Friday, 1 January 2016

My Book Review - The Last Dogs: The Vanishing

So I finally finished ‘The Last Dogs: The Vanishing’ by Christopher Holt. While at the beginning this was a slow read, it proved to be very much an action one.

Max, the protagonist of this book, is the canine version of James Bond. Able to escape any difficult, hopeless situation he finds himself into with maybe a couple of scratches and bruised ligaments to show for it.

Joined by his new friends along the way, Rocky and Gizmo, Max sets out on a journey to locate his pack - his human owners – who abruptly disappeared after leaving him at the veterinary’s clinic.

While trying to put together the missing pieces as to what happened to the humans who once lived throughout the city and to locate them, the dogs encounter an entourage of intriguing characters from the animal kingdom along their journey.  The feline and rodent clan I found particularly humorous. The corporation dogs and foxes I found particularly dangerous.  But all-in-all I found this to be a very entertaining book of the first of the series.  And I am very curious to learn just how everything turns out for these cute orphaned dogs.