Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Book Review of Theodore Boone the Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

Theodore Boone is a thirteen-year old boy who loves everything about the justice system. He’s on friendly terms with judges, police officers and lawyers. He attends as many court trials as he can, school is the only thing preventing him for attending more, he provides legal advice to his school mates. Theo even defends some of his classmates in animal court. Not surprisingly, both of his parents are lawyers, and he, too wants to become one.

With readers, the adventures of Theodore Boone begin when the murder of a woman takes place in the small city of Strattenburg.  The accused is the victim’s husband, a prominent business man. However, the evidence is circumstantial. Then from out of nowhere, Theo is presented with information that could break the case wide open, concrete evidence on exactly who committed the crime. But there’s only one problem, he can’t mention it to anyone.

This is an entertaining book for young readers and adults. It starts off a bit slow but gradually picks up speed after the first 60 pages. At times I found it quite amusing and had laugh-out-loud moments while coming home on the public transportation from work.

It also provides a great introduction to the judicial system for kids and those of us who know little about it.

This is definite read for young readers.

To learn more about Theodore Boone visit: www.theodoreboone.com